How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Saturday, April 18, 2015

How to Choose a Good Domain Name To Your Site - Choosing a good domain name for your web site is important, because the domain is the identity or a description of your web site later. So, to choose the right domain name, you must know the things to consider when choosing a domain name. Domain names attractive website can have a great impact for the survival of online business you are. So, what should we look at when choosing a domain name for? Check out the tips below :


1. Memorable

A good domain name should be remembered. Sure, there is the function of "bookmarks" on the internet. But choose a memorable name that will be easier for people to remember your site. We recommend that caused the impression that firm and represents the business you run.Avoid singatan and words are hard to read.

2. Brief

Twenty characters is the maximum. It would be better if only ten characters or less. Because domain names are long and complicated will make it difficult for other people, and will be more difficult to remember.

3. Right extension

There are several available domain extensions .com for commercial enterprises, .net for network providers ISPs, .org for organizations institutions, .edu for educational institutions, and .mil for military agencies. However, if I may suggest, .com extension has so far remained an extension of the most memorable and most widely used. The best extensions to two is .net.

4. Easy spelled

Domain names are hard to spell will be difficult for you and your customers. Use general terms or words. And if not possible, at least use your brand or company name. Imagine how hard the visitors you remember domain name like

5. Descriptive

A good domain name should be descriptive indeed. Because it will be easier for visitors and customers associate with the domain name of your business.

6. Not using the symbol

Yes, you should not create a domain name that contains numbers or hyphens. Because of the tendency of people when going to type the domain name of a website, usually articulated all without hyphens. If it had, the domain name should not be too long.

7. Use a personal name or keyword targeted

It's good if you want to create a blog/personal website then use a personal name or nickname shorter. We can also use keyword targeted to create a website with a particular niche, such as,,,, etc.

8. Combine the brand name or company name with the type of business undertaken

Such as this, you possessed business in the production or sale of clothes, and you also have a business name such as CV. Viona. So to help people get to know your business and your business name that you live, when trying to choose a domain name can combine these two elements, be The formula is: brand + type of business, or reversed.

Well, hopefully best way to pick a domain name is useful and can be applied when you create a website. See also What is Ppc?