Tips to Buy a New Android Phone

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tips to Buy a New Android Phone - Newly purchased device indeed has many advantages, especially those purchased at a store directly. However, the precision and meticulous attitude is a thing that should be considered by the consumer, including the new mobile phone users. Although admittedly, consumers or buyers of used cell phones should be more careful when compared with the new mobile phone buyers. Not only anxiety, but some other considerati on is required to use the phone more comfortably into the future. And here summarize the first thing that must be done by a user, when getting a new phone :

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1. See Everything in the Box

This can be done to see whether the completene ss provided by the seller are in accordance with promised. The reason, not a few of the sellers reduce the original mobile phone accessories for resale by the other party. Therefore, the contents in the box Cermatilah sales provided by the seller. In addition, a check on the product warranty card and pay attention. Ask stamp store if indeed phones purchased outside of the official store of products, or from distributors and retail stores. This is to provide assurance that owned warranty is true.

2. Check Battery Condition

Unpacking in the sales box before being taken to the house is quite important, however, another thing that needs to be done is to determine the condition of the main product accessories . As well as on the phone, usually in the box inevitably accompanie d by other supporting devices, such as headsets, chargers, and batteries. Do not just look at the number, but make sure all the equipment is working properly because it becomes a job that bothered if it were home. Apaplagi accessories such support can not work as it should.

3. Mobile Connectivity

As well as the sale of accessories in the box, checking should be done also on the function of the device connectivit y. Try WiFi or Bluetooth connection system on other devices, and make sure all of these features is plugged in so that when brought home, so users can simply update the system and live to use it directly.

4. Check Updates

The producers have to update the system in a way that is more teratur.Hal also applies to renewal for some application s. Maybe some files have a large capacity, but if the device is purchased new products entunya sistm tcepat updates will be compared to the old device. It also can help users to try and take advantage of WiFi wireless connectivit y.

5. Check Settings

Large screen brightness settings and a small volume of sound is the most important thing, and all that are in the settings menu. Check all the settings immediatel y before the buyer leaves the store, so you're pretty sure to get a screen with good conditions without deadpixels or broken speakers and other sound. Read Also : Android Secret Code