Heart Disease Symptoms and Signs of Heart Problems

Monday, May 18, 2015

Symptoms of Heart Disease - Various studies have been carried out to identify baseline characteristics of a heart disease, from infants, adolescents, adults and also parents. With a wide range of research on the symptoms usually occur in people with heart disease have certainly made many people more vigilant in observing the patterns of changes in the body that might be the symptoms of a variety of possible diseases. Read also : How to Prevent Diabetes Melitus Naturally

As it is known that the WHO says heart disease is a disease the number one killer of people in the world, which of course has claimed many lives in different parts of the world. From the data obtained in the year 2008 alone there were 7. 25 million people are there in the world die of heart disease, if presented on the year with total deaths in the year jumlanya approximately 12. 8%. Of course, with these data of heart disease is a disease that is worrying and needs to be watched by everyone. Read also : Prevent Piles and Hemorrhoids with Delicious and Healthy Food Choices

Heart Disease Symptoms

Usually, if a person suffering from a particular disease will no symptoms that arise as well as heart disease, so that by knowing the symptoms can one diagnosed with a particular disease. Although there are common traits including disease other than heart disease is the same as the characteristics of the other, but there are also certain characteristics typical of heart disease and different from the symptoms of other diseases.

Characteristic symptoms of People Affected by Heart Disease

Below are some of the characteristics of heart disease in a person, the initial characteristics in patients with heart disease varies because it depends on the type of heart disease experienced by a person. In addition there is a difference between heart disease with a heart attack, but a lot of people who interpret them with the same meaning. The difference lies in its meaning, if heart disease is the inability of the heart function of pumping blood throughout the body, while a heart attack is a blockage or a diminution of the blood vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen to the heart. Regardless of these differences nonetheless they are still closely linked.

1. In Section Head Pain

Pain in the head if terkenas sun can also be a hallmark someone bermsalah with heart. This influence could cause heart rate slower or faster. In women should also be wary if experiencing a migraine because, according to a study published by the American Academy of eurology headaches in patients with heart disease could have been a result of the storage of blood circulation.

2. Chest Pain

characteristic of the early people could have been exposed to penyait heart of the symptoms of pain in the chest, but the chest pain is not only an early symptom of heart disease, it could be due to other diseases. However, to ensure these conditions, we should be cautious and immediately see a doctor expert. Chest pain in a person who had a heart attack due to blockage of the arteries that lead to the blood can not flow into the whole body.

3. Pain In Body Part

Because clogged arteries cause pain in certain body parts such as if the woman will feel the pain in the left or right hand while the man on the left, other than on the hands, the body that is often painful is shoulder, back, elbow and neck which at times come and go.

4. Easy Feeling Tired

Such as the symptoms of anemia, characteristic of heart disease is one of them also feel tired when someone is just waking up and not doing any strenuous activity. If this is the case certainly should immediately consult with a doctor to confirm the circumstances of the body.

5. Shortness of breath

If a person experiences shortness of breath may be due to the blood vessels caused by blood flow that is distributed throughout the body that can lead to irregular heartbeats, thickening of the heart muscle as well as heart valve abnormalities.

6. Queasy

Symptoms of heart disease is the patient will feel a further thus decreasing appetite nausea, initially swollen abdomen alone but also feel the abdomen in nausea as well

7. Anxiety

Usually people who have heart attacks experience the trauma that raises tension, fear and anxiety, the anxiety is of course to be avoided because it is repopulating trigger a heart attack. Therefore it is recommended to remain calm and as much as possible to eliminate anxiety.

8. Swelling

Another characteristic of a man who suffered from heart disease is the swelling of certain body parts such as the abdomen or in the ankle, this occurs because fluid accumulates in the body.

9. Exit Sweat

Other heart problems is one should be wary if the body is not the body to sweat while doing sports or any activity.

If someone is experiencing symptoms of heart disease as above then please do not jump to the conclusion that the person is suffering from heart disease could have other diseases which almost resemble her symptoms with heart disease. the next step if you have the above symptoms characteristic immediately consult with a doctor to do further diagnosis.

But the most important thing of course is to maintain health before illness attack on certain body parts. By doing regular exercise, eating a balanced diet that begizi and maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the body remains in Keadaa are fit to perform various everyday activity. Read also : How To Diet Right, Fast, and Healthy