6 Facts About Milk

Sunday, June 21, 2015

6 Facts About Milk - Milk contains many vitamins and nutrients that have benefits both for health. One of these is the calcium is good for bone health. Therefore, many people think that milk is essential for everyday consumption. However, consumption of milk would have to be tailored to the needs of the body. Here are some facts about milk:


1. Milk helps recovery of the body after illness

Milk can help recovery after illness because it contains protein, calcium, and phosphorus. Protein in milk can form new cells or tissues, thus helping the recovery process. Read also : How To Diet Right, Fast, and Healthy

2. Drinking milk before bed makes you sleep better

A hormone that is needed to create a restful sleep. This amino acid will trigger or induce sleep by raising serotonin. Hormone serotonin plays an important role to make people relax and sleep at night. But will make a full awake during the day.

3. Take medication should not be with milk

Milk reduces the absorption of antibiotics in the body, thereby inhibiting the body's absorption of the specific component in the medicine, such as iron. Some medications such as antibiotics containing tetrasiklik which reacts with milk. Another example, the calcium content in milk can interfere with the effectiveness of thyroid medication.

4. Milk causes tooth decay

Milk consumption especially at night can damage teeth. Why? Because during sleep, especially at night, saliva or saliva production is automatically reduced. Well, reduced saliva is the primary means for germs in the mouth to grow and change into sour milk. This acid which initiated the formation of the hole / dental caries.

5. Milk causes diarrhea For those who have lactose intolerance, when consuming milk containing lactose can indeed cause diarrhea. For those who experience it, can not choose milk contains lactose, soy milk for example.

6. Milk makes the skin smooth Milk contains vitamins A and D which helps make the skin smooth and healthy. In addition, important minerals such as iron, calcium, and copper in milk can promote the health and strength of the skin cells. Protein and iron in the milk can slow the aging process, the role of lactic acid in milk moisturize the skin and encourage the growth of healthy new skin cells. Read also : Heart Disease Symptoms and Signs ofHeart Problems