Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching TV for Children

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching TV for Children - Watching television (TV) is a daily habit to leisure time is often only used for watching television. Most television users are children interact with television passively, often carried away and glued to enjoy television. Information about the negative and positive effects of watching TV, can be a guide for parents to act against a child when watching TV. Television as a medium of information, certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, especially for children. Read Also : Tips For Beating Insomnia

kids watching tv

The Advantages of watching tv for children

1. Assist the process of learning to read

Television cans presenting it visual form basically enables children recognize letters and visual appearance in the form of objects that they do not know.

2. The glasses around the world

TV can satisfy curiosity about everything around each life both near and far.

3. Supporting the school, especially in terms of general knowledge

Many TV presents a variety of common knowledge that can support learning in school.

4. Enriching life experience

Television allows children to experience a variety of things without having to feel alone.

Disadvantages of watching tv for children

1. Encouraging children to get and achieve something as soon as possible(instantly)

Screen TV, everything goes fast. Style television that do require speed. Everything is instantaneous. Count prevailing in television is second. So, all seemed fast.

2. Encouraging children undervaluation process

television bombard children with a wide variety of entertainment, events at certain moments, the persons who is loved, that it obtained painlessly. It encourages children to lack of respect for this process, it can even lead to a tendency to get something through a shortcut.

3. Less able to distinguish fantasy with reality

Ability to think children are still very simple, allowing children tend to consider what is on the television screen is something that is real.

4. Teach children violent behavior

TV shows are violent are often seen children, are feared to teach children violent behavior in everyday life.

5. Reducing concern and interest in lessons

Preoccupation on television will affect the child's interest and attention to the lesson at school.

6. Increase the enjoyment of the things of the earth

TV often featuring characters and character generally reflect the things that became an obsession viewers (beautiful, handsome, rich, happy, and so on), so as to increase the pleasure of the things that are mundane.

The proportion of negative and positive effects for children's TV of course depends onthe contentof existing events on TV stations. If TV presents many events that are less educated and just purely entertainment, of course, negative effects become more prominent. Conversely, if the TV more events that educate, of course, the positive effect of TV is becoming more prominent.