Tips For Beating Insomnia

Friday, September 11, 2015

Tips For Beating Insomnia Sleeplessness or insomniais a symptom of sleep disorders, namely where a person in a state of distress or difficulty in his sleep, and it happened repeatedly. Insomnia is usually experienced by those who often sleep at night and always spend time to stay up all night, eventually we will be hard to sleep. Read also Benefits of Sleep for Health

The cause of insomnia is a variety of them because of a disease factors contained in the person of insomnia, sleep patterns are irregular, pattern of unhealthy living, or because of psychological problems such as bear the brunt of the problems that are so heavy and not strong eventually become prolonged stress. If we experience symptoms of insomnia, there will usually be a change in thinking, behavior and physical, such as emotional disorders, physical disorders, and a willingness to consume drugs.

Those who have trouble sleeping disorders quest will tend to be difficult to control emotions. To cope with the symptoms of insomnia, there are some tips that you can do, these tips are powerful and effective if there is the will within you to overcome them. Here are 5 tips to overcome insomnia;


1. Limit caffeine

It is sometimes difficult to be avoided by men. After a day of work and go home at night, enjoy a cup of coffee is very tempting. But if you have problems with your sleep, you should not consume coffee at night and reduce drinking coffee during the day. Coffee has a high caffeine content. If you frequently consume coffee, especially at night, it will only aggravate the problem of hours of sleep you, you will be more difficult to close your eyes. As much as possible to limit your consumption of foods and beverages containing caffeine.

2. Do not work before bed

Think of an office work or tasks lectures that make your brain becomes super busy spinning will hinder you to be able to sleep soundly. Make sure you stop a job that makes your brain spinning. At least your brain to rest 2 hours before you sleep, so you can get in the comfort of your bed.

3. Familiarize regular bedtime routine

Get used to sleep and wake up on time and at the same time each day. Although on holiday, you should also be able to get used to sleep at the same time as the day normally, so also when waking. By getting to sleep and wake up every day at the same time will make it easier to sleep later. In addition, you can also search for an activity that can make you sleepy meraassa. It will be easier for you to fall asleep.

4. Do not smoke

You are a smoker and smoking is a hobby?If you have problems with bedtime, you should stop your smoking activity. Cigarettes contain nicotine, and it can cause your biological clock arriving in the lungs and the brain becomes impaired. So you will have difficulty in sleeping, you could not sleep well because of your sleeping hours were disturbed.

5. Consumption of magnesium

Consume foods that contain more magnesium such as almonds, cashews, spinach, as well as a wide variety of foods that contain vitamin B complex. By eating foods high in magnesium will be memprmudah you to sleep and be able to make you sleep soundly at night become.

Thus the 5 tips to overcome insomnia. Hopefully these five tips can help you in addressing your insomnia. Thank you. Try these 10 Natural Wrinkle Treatment for Wrinkle Prevention